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  • Very pleased to announce that 2 more tees I designed for Know Obstacles went on sale today.

    Really pushed myself outside of my comfort zone when designing them and it paid off, can’t wait to see them in person!

    Available at

  • Having a small sale to try and get rid of some old stock before moving onto new designs -

  • Yesterday the interview I did with WFPF about the designs I made for them went up, check it out at

  • Love the image I made for the giveaway posts, definitely shows of the ambigram design! Click on our profile then follow the instructions on the giveaway post to be entered to win one of the tees.

  • Found this sick photo of Dawid Zaki Zakrzewski on Facebook wearing one of my designs for - always love seeing things I’ve made being worn!

  • The British weather can be a bit up & down sometimes, and so can our tees! Check out the YouSeven ambigram tees only available at

  • AnyForty x Flyotw Present… NumSkull from Flyotw on Vimeo.

    We have been working with London based clothing brand AnyForty on a new AnyForty & Flyotw present… film series in which we showcase the finest artists from across the globe.

    In the first episode we showcase Sydney based artist NumSkull who also is a contributor to the latest Anyforty T-Shirt series titled “AnyForty & T-world The Australian Invasion Series”

  • . @demeyers88 & @jesselaflair are trying to raise money to screen their documentary across the world. If you pledge over a certain amount you will get one of the snapbacks I designed for them! Check it out at #FH2TDoc

  • . @bluebirdpress did an amazing job printing our newest tees, highly recommend them. Love all the tiny details! - / #youseven

  • Canon 600D w/ 18-55mm lens, Nikon SB-700 & Yonguo 560 III speedlites.

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  • Started vectoring up some hand lettering and it’s looking pretty good!